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I've been using 1Password for ages. I've used (and introduced) it in multiple companies, we use it in the household and in different countries. As such, I have an ever growing collection of credentials.

And I'm starting to find 1Password increasingly frustrating in that it takes away features to make it manageable instead of adding them. I can't archive and unarchive entire Vaults, and the Collections feature has been implemented so half-assed to be unusable for filtering out Vaults in regular inline use. It used to at least be possible to effectively make Vaults 'inactive'.

Archiving is a joke, because in the context of the Vault I can't recall the archived items, and in the context of the Archive I can't filter for Vaults. Basically archiving is tossing stuff into a bin without functionality.

Anybody has any solutions that make it so I don't have to choose between half a dozen possible accounts to login to Google?

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    Unfortunately, the browser plugin doesn't seem to support collections, it can only activate/deactivate vaults in its settings page. To switch roles between business and private, you need to toggle vaults in that settings.

    The desktop and mobile client supports vault collections, so you can use these to include/exclude vaults from seach results. Instead of switching vaults, you switch collections to limit the search scope.

    However, archived items can be managed fine in the desktop app.
    For me, archived items are obsolete items I don't need any more but want to keep for reference. Instead of deleting them, I archive them. I don't archive/unarchive items regularly. If some contract is gone and the account with it, I'm archiving this entry, because I will never need it again, but for reference it's stil available. Usually, I never ever need to look at any of them again. Archiving entire vaults, and especially unarchiving, is something I would never need. What is the use case for this?
    Recalling an archived entry is easy. In the desktop app, there is a Archive folder at the bottom of the sidebar.

    I do all managing in the desktop app. Not all features are available from the website, and not within the browser plugin, but the v8 mobile client has it all. Explore managing your items with the v8 desktop or the mobile app.

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