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Bug Report: "Save" Button Doesn't Work When Editing An Item...

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I'm using the latest TestFlight beta, 8.9.9, and there's a glitch where items won't save unless a text field is in "focus" -- by focus, I'm referring to the blinking cursor, which looks like this: | -- specifically, after attaching a file & immediately trying to tap "Save".

Additionally, I'd like the feature/ability to dismiss the keyboard that pops up when editing an item, similar to the swipe-down-to-dismiss-keyboard gesture for the Search screen. (A perfect example of this is when you're scrolling through one of your iMessages, and the keyboard hides itself when you swipe down.)

Steps to reproduce "Save" Bug:
1) Go to an item & tap "Edit"
2) Attach a file (e.g. take a picture)
3) Tap on "Save"
... No response...

The "fix" is to tap on a field that has text, and then tap on "Save".

Side note: When I was testing this out and replicating it, I attached a photo using the "Take a picture" option, saved it, & then briefly exited the screen. When I went back to it, while the picture was probably still uploading, I edited it again, and simply added another picture, but it seems that the 1st one didn't save. In other words, data appears to have gone missing when I edited, saved, then edited & saved again in quick succession.

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1Password Version: 8.9.9; 80909016
Extension Version: N/A
OS Version: iOS 13.1 (latest public release)
Browser:_ N/A

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