Locked out 1Password apps across every single device, despite being fully up to date

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Hi community,

So I am not a new customer and I’ve been considering switching to entirely relying on Apple’s keychain service ever since they’ve upgraded to using Passkey tech. Sounds great to me.

Awful timing on 1Password’s part.

I’ll explain. Days ago, literally, 1Password’s software installed across ALL three of my devices, two of them apple devices, all newer devices, 1 iPad Pro 2020, one iPhone 13 and one a several year old Alienware m15 laptop, locked me out of each app simultaneously. Up until then, each lockout had been isolated. This was extremely frustrating because until then, a complete lockout was rare and was always due either me not using FaceID properly or a glitch. This was the last straw for me because I had used FaceID and windows Hello properly, but I decided to give a support a shot. They failed.

I was immediately met with reps either ignoring the contents of my emails or being rude and just sending me a wall of text without showing any desire to understand what actually happened. Zero attempt beyond people just apologizing, over and over.

I run multiple businesses and don’t have time to handle support reps who don’t know how to work with customers properly, so I finally just said I was tired of this and that either they would actually try to help in a real way or they lost a customer.

I was met with further apathy and then with a healthy dose of, you’re data i screwed BECAUSE we’re awesome. Not because of any mistakes our software made. Not that we’d care to look into any software issues that might be happening that we could learn from in the first place. We don’t care about that. This is a classic reason why software engineering teams can fail. Ignoring customer software problems and feedback is a fantastic way of selling a product that ultimately fails. So that was extremely discouraging. So, I decided to try to get a manager who may be more skilled and savvy at working with customers.

Then I decided to post this case here because, frankly, given my experience with 1Password support, it may very well take talking about this in public for them to actually pay attention to a customer whose been actually loyal.

We’ll see how they decide to respond. My hopes aren’t up and my expectations very low. I fully expect that my data is lost forever due to their VERY glitchy and unreliable software.

Perhaps they’ll learn from this and treat other deserving customers with proper respect. Who knows.

1Password Version: latest version
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: windows 11, all latest versions of ios, ipad os
Browser:_ Not Provided


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    Hello @notahappycustomer! 👋

    I'm sorry to hear that you're having trouble unlocking 1Password on your devices. I want to assure you that our support team is here is to help. I've located your ticket and I've asked the team to followup with you. To prevent the conversation from happening in two different places at once I'm closing this thread.


    ref: TTG-91514-525

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