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No 1password overlay on keyboard recently

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Has anyone else noticed an issue with the 1password overlay option not displaying recently? I used to have trouble with one banking app, which I could at least work around, but lately I have no option but to exit the app I'm trying to sign in to, open 1password to get my credentials, then return to the original app.


  • zmcnultyzmcnulty
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    Edit: also noticing this on non-banking apps

  • platypus55platypus55
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    I'm a new 1Password user and going through the process of changing my passwords. The keyboard overlay is displaying for me when logging in to websites. I do have Settings-->Autofill and Settings-->Show filling suggestions on.

    But I don't seem to be able to generate new passwords using the keyboard overlay. Maybe that's not supported? I can of course generate passwords in the app itself. Still, in Chrome on Windows I can generate new passwords directly in new password fields, and it would be nice to have that in Android.

    I'm using version 8.9.10 in Android 13 with the 5 Dec 22 security update.

  • Hi @zmcnulty, thanks for letting us know 1Password isn't filling as expected on your device!

    I'd like to ask you to share a few of the apps where you've encountered this issue so I can do some testing and help look in to this further. Thanks in advance!

    Hello @platypus55, thanks for your question. With 1Password for Android, you can generate passwords when creating or editing an item through the app directly as well as through the "Open 1Password" prompt that appears when filling in an app or website. 1Password for Android does not offer suggested password prompts as you would see with 1Password in the browser on a PC.

    Autofill on Android devices works a little differently than filling in the browser. Due to this, you won't see complete parity between the two. Unfortunately, features like the suggested password you mentioned just aren't possible on Android devices currently.

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