Before level 8, i had to organize my related data into as much as 3 different items, the credit ....

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... card data, the associated web site if it existed, and the bank which processes the credit data. I linked these thru tags. (example: Best Buy, Best Buy credit card account web site, the bank where card is processed). With the release of level 8, it appears that credit cards may actually be associated with a web site thru the use of the 'Sign in with field'. However this option is limited to a fixed set of web sites and does not support specification of the credit card companies own website (example: Best Buy web site). I cannot find any other way to sign into the credit card's issuing website other than the way i previously did (a separate account item). So my question is: Why are the fields necessary to allow a credit card to be associated with any website not supported?

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  • Hello @hjhermans,

    Thanks for your message. With 1Password 8 you can continue to use Login, Credit Card, and Bank Account items as before. If you are signing into a Credit Card website using credentials like a username and password, the Login item will continue to be used.

    Sign in with is a new feature with 1Password in the browser and allows 1Password save, remember, and fill logins in your browser when you sign in to websites with providers like Google or Facebook. Those details and all supported sign-in providers can be found in our guide here: Use 1Password to sign in to sites with supported providers

    I hope this helps, but if you have further any questions, further questions, please let us know.

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    Thanks for reply. I know that i can continue to use Login, Credit Card, and Bank account items as before. However, the crux of my question is really the fact that i cannot use a Credit Card item to log into it's associated website unless it uses one of the fixed 'Sign in with' websites. Even though the credit card items support specification of URL and password, it will not find and fill in the username and password when one opens the URL link. In fact, it looks like 1pw looks for another item which has the URL specified in the credit card item and tries to use it's username and password. If this is true, it is a redundant item, at least most of the time, as the username and password can easily be specified in the credit card item itself.

  • Hello @hjhermans,

    Thanks for getting back to me. Credit Card items, as described in the 1Password item categories article, are used to fill credit card information in your browser.

    I can understand the redundancy you are referring to. However, Logins item types are in place to differentiate it as a source for credentials to log into website (financial institution in this case), versus items like Credit Cards or Identities used for filling forms: Save and fill credit cards and addresses

    Please let us know if this helps or if you have any other questions.

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    Hi Mike;
    I understand your explanation even though i disagree in principle that an item can only belong a single category. I believe that 1pw should consider a model which supports an item belonging to multiple categories. So, consider that my recommendation just in case you guys run out of things to do.
    In the meantime, thanks for your comments. It helped me to come to understand that your data model only permits for items to have a singular relationship to a category. Thanks again.

  • Hi @hjhermans,

    You're most welcome - the feedback is greatly appreciated!

    We're always interested in learning from our customers where improvements can be made. Where applicable, items belonging to multiple categories would help to reduce the number of entries. I can't make any promises about this type of feature making it into 1Password, but I've passed your feedback along to the Product team for consideration.

    Thanks so much and happy holidays!

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    My comment about how 1Password stores items separately: there is a 1:1 relation between physical objects in the real world and items in 1Password (a website or a bank account counts as physical item in this regard). One credit card: one entry. One website login: another entry.

    For my main bank account, I have 3 entries: one online banking login, one "bank account" entry with all non-online banking info (additional PINs for example), and finally one credit card entry.

    I'm not sure if I should call this redundant or if I should call it neatly sorted. You can see it both ways.

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