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Rotating iPhone causes new item panel to disappear

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edited December 2022 in iOS

iOS version: 16.2
App version: 8.9.7

If you open the panel to create a new item, then rotate the phone to landscape: the panel disappears.

This also happens if you open the panel while in landscape and rotate to portrait.

After this, the bottom half of the list of items is obscured.

Creating another new item does not restore the contents you had written in the first one.

If you then switch to another app, then back to 1Password: the item you were creating reappears.

If you do this and ‘lose’ multiple new items, and then repeatedly switch between apps: all of the items you lost reappear one at a time in reverse order.

Screen recording can be found here:


  • GreyM1PGreyM1P

    Team Member

    Hi there @fusionfox

    We did hear reports about rotating 1Password for iOS to landscape could cause issues, and our development team have written a fix for it, which will be included in the next update to 1Password for iOS.

    Sorry for the inconvenience. If you need anything, or have any questions, please let me know. :)

    — Grey

    ref: dev/core/core#14881

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