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Self hosted instances?

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Dear all,

A while ago there was a survey about self hosted instances somewhen.
Is there any info how that goes?

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  • ag_maxag_max

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    Hi @Christian_XYZR,

    It sounds like you're referring to this survey link. At the moment, select members of the 1Password team are still monitoring collected feedback and gauging interest for a self-hosted version of 1Password accounts, but I don't have any news or updates to share.

  • DeadpanDeadpan
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    I'm really disappointed with how long that survey has taken, and no result has been provided.

    It's the only way I'd be happy to use a "cloud" instance of 1pw, and why I've remained on a local vault in my own private cloud.

    The result of that is... I've been unable to pay Agilebits any subscriber fees. I've been a user of 1pw since version 4.

  • ag_maxag_max

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    I wish I had more news to share, though for now we'll just to have to wait. Let our team know if we can be of any help with any other matters in the meantime.

  • ag_maxag_max

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    Hi everyone. Dave created a quick update on self-hosting 1Password, which you can find here. I'm going to close this thread so we can focus any future replies in the correct linked thread.

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