Will The 1Password Web App (my.1Password.com) Be Getting Any TLC?...

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I love that 1Password continues to improve & introduce new features, and make our lives easier, but I've noticed the online web app at 1Password.com is lagging behind all others apps in both design & feature parity.

Will the web app be getting missing features & the new design language? Things I've noticed missing include:
inability to rearrange fields & sections; Markdown language formatting; Dark Mode; file attachments; link to related items; "Security Questions"; Collections; passkeys (not sure about this one yet); and so on.

Thanks for all you do!
– 1Password fan

1Password Version: 1Password for Mac 8.9.12 (80912004)
Extension Version: N/A
OS Version: macOS 13.1
Browser:_ Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge


  • Hey there @nimvio

    We are working on updating the interface of 1Password.com, yes.

    Our team does actually update the underlying functions of 1Password.com quite frequently, as you can see from the release notes, but the actual interface itself is a very different job.

    As you can probably imagine, it's quite a task to squeeze a lot of functionality into something that'll load in a web browser, so we're still working on it to make sure it works how we want it to. I don't have any news about timescales just now, but it's not been forgotten. :)

    — Grey

  • nimvio
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    @GreyM1P, thank you for the reply.

  • @nimvio – You're welcome! :)

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