Hide My Email Support/Integration?

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Hi Team,
Long time 1Password user, new iOS user.
I’m finding myself leveraging iClouds “Hide my email” feature on a weekly basis, I used to use DuckDuckGo private emails, but this just flows better, and I can’t use fastmail in Australia?

Any plans to integrate with iClouds service here? I’m often using keychain simply because of workflow but would prefer to incorporate into 1Password


  • Hi @Thomas_Griffiths

    Firstly, apologies for the delay in responding to you here! It does seem strange that you're unable to use Fastmail since it is an Australian company, do you know where in the process you found yourself not being able to use the Fastmail integration in 1Password? Use 1Password to create and manage Masked Emails in Fastmail

    As for integrating with iCloud's Hide My Email; This feature doesn't seem to be open to any third-party developers at this time, but we're always on the hunt for ways we can improve your online security. If you're generating new Hide My Email addresses in Safari, you should be able to use the 1Password for Safari extension to save it in your 1Password account.

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