Reveal Password with Large Font Setting

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Phone: iPhone XR
Version: 15.6.1

Font size: 7 clicks from left

Issue: When using the above combination of settings, the touch target for the reveal password menu is nearly impossible to hit. Long press typically just allows you to drag and drop the button.


  • Hi @tazebenton

    I wasn't able to reproduce the problem in 1Password 8.9.7, using a smaller iPhone (iPhone 12 mini) running iOS 16.2, which is the current version of iOS available for iPhone 8 and later. In this screenshot, you'll see the Reveal option highlighted because I had my finger on it when I took the screenshot:


    If you're seeing something different, would you be able to post a screenshot?

    Take a screenshot on your iPhone

    🔍👀 Check that no personal information such as any real names, usernames, passwords, your credit card number, Secret Key or account password are visible.️

    Use the 📄🔽 button in the comment form to attach the screenshot, or drag and drop it in, and I'll take a look. I look forward to hearing from you. :)

    — Grey

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