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Apps that don't work with Autofill

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New user, testing out 1Password....I understand that 1Password doesn't support accessibility on Android. This is a challenge because too many apps have terrible logins that don't play well with autofill. What are the options other than copy/paste or split screen for these apps that would normally work with accessibility since that isn't an options? Here are some examples of some notorious apps that stick out. I use Gboard if that makes a difference. This is a bit of a make/break situation for me with 1Password.


1Password Version: 8.9.10
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Android 13
Browser:_ Not Provided


  • ralfroamralfroam
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    I am a new user as well looking for a LastPass alternative. LastPass was capable of capturing new APP logins and performed autofill, seamlessly. Is this not the case with 1Password for Android? If it is not, I will need to find a capable alternative.

  • CatchyUserNameCatchyUserName
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    Same for me. LastPass wasn't 100% reliable with the Accessibility function, but it did cover more apps than 1Password. I'm looking to move my family away from LP, and that's going to be a challenge because of this, unfortunately.

  • ag_timothyag_timothy

    Team Member

    Hi @hasmat, @ralfroam, @CatchyUserName, thanks for writing in and sharing your thoughts.

    @hasmat, when Autofill isn't supported you can copy and paste or use split screen mode to drag and drop your credentials, Drag and drop with split screen mode.

    I tested the apps you mentioned with Autofill and an Accessibility based filling service. I could fill the username field with the Accessibility service in AloSIM but found I could not fill with Autofill or Accessibility in the other apps. I've reported these to our development team for further review.

    @ralfoam, 1Password for Android can fill and save Logins in most apps and websites. Filling on Android devices can be tricky because there are a lot of factors at play. Some apps and websites don't provide enough contextual clues or flat out interfere with filling. There are device and software specific issues such as keyboards not displaying prompts as expected. There are also some circumstances where 1Password may not detect a sign-inform so it does not prompt to fill.

    If you come across any websites or apps where 1Password isn't filling as expected, just let us know and we would be happy to help out!

    I will also note that saving a new Login with the Autofill service on an Android device may work a little differently than what you're used to. Instead of typing in your credentials and saving them after the fact, you can tap the "Open 1Password" prompt, create a new Login in the menu that opens then proceed with filling and signing in from there.

    @CatchyUserName, thanks very much for including this feedback. I can certainly understand why this may give you some pause.

    Have you come across any apps or websites where 1Password isn't filling as expected? If so, I'd be happy to take a look and report any issues to the team.

  • InspGadget70InspGadget70
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    Chownow, and any app that uses Chownow for its login credentials, does not work with 1P autofill. The Chownow website works, but whatever API or coding they've provided to developers to embed the login screen for Chownow credentials in apps (like Sardis) does not trigger 1P autofill.




  • wallymannwallymann
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    1password autofill does not work with opera browser on android.

    1password is setup correct, works fine with chrome browser on android13/samsung s22...but opera browser not.

    details below.

    1Password Version: 8.9.10
    OS Version: android 13
    Browser:_ opera 72.5.3767.69342

  • serenencarlserenencarl
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    Not sure if this fits in but there are multiple apps where the username is already filled in; 1Password does not give any option to fill in just the password. I have also seem some sites that fill just the username then go to another screen where the password is filled in; have not tested this but going to assume this may not work either. These did work seamlessly in Lastpass.

    App with username prefilled = Amex
    Android 13

  • BrendanR1PBrendanR1P

    Team Member
    edited January 9

    Hi @InspGadget70,

    Thanks for reporting this to us. I've tested this on my own device and I was able to reproduce this issue. I've reported this to our development team for further reivew.

    Hi @wallymann,

    Currently Opera doesn't support autofill which would prevent 1Password from being able to autofill login fields for websites within this web browser.

    One version of Opera which does support autofill is Opera Touch.

    Hi @serenencarl ,

    Thanks for reporting this to us. We currently have an issue opened for this on our end for autofill suggestions not being offered when the username field of an app is already populated. Upon testing this on my end, one way in which I was able to fill password fields in cases such as this was to set Display autofill prompts to Below the login fields they relate to by following the steps below:

    1. Open the 1Password 8 for Android app
    2. Tap the account/collection icon in the top right.
    3. Tap Settings > Autofill
    4. Tap Display autofill prompts, then tap Below the fields they relate to

    In regard to the autofilling of two stage login pages, at times these may not fill as expected, but upon testing one such website with a login page like this - Amazon, by changing Display autofill prompts, then tapping Below the fields they relate to, as outlined above allowed successful filling.

    I hope this helps

    -- Brendan


  • hasmathasmat
    Community Member

    @ag_timothy Thanks for looking into that. Do you have a form where users should submit apps that don't work with autofill?

    Here's another that autofill doesn't seem to recognize: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hertz.android.digital

    @BrendanR1P Thanks for that tip that autofill works better when display prompts are set to Below the fields rather than Above the keyboard.

  • GolferWHHGolferWHH
    Community Member

    I'm in the final days of a 1Password family account trial. Our family environment is: 2 Windows 11 devices (Desktop&Laptop), 2 Android phones (Pixel 7 and Pixel 6). I've got the Windows environments working, although my wife has not used 1PW enough to say all is well, while I've checked out key sites and it seem to work fine for both of our Windows and 1Password accounts.

    I've got the Pixel 7 working and my key test is opening RBC, CIBC and Simply Financial banking apps. I did have some problems getting it to auto fill and in the haze of getting it to function I honestly can't say what other than Auto Fill in 1PW and Android settings I did. I have had to go through the process of copying 1PW's passwords into the Android apps password field in some cases and received a 1PW message something like "fill and update", after which it more(?) automatically fills the password for that site.

    My wife's Pixel 6 is another issue all together. I've got the CIBC app to auto fill the banking apps password, but am stuck with RBC's app. I've not got to Simply yet, but expect it will be similar to CIBC as SImply is related to CIBC.

    I need to provide a stable Pixel 6 to my wife, and 1Password for android on her Pixel 6 just isn't there.

    Are there other settings required?

    BTW: I manage the shared vault that she uses for the banking apps and other accounts we both need access to.


  • rzzzrzzz
    Community Member

    1P is unable to fill/detect username field in AIFOTO 3 and Yelp app.

  • hasmathasmat
    Community Member

    I also just found that the Reddit app doesn't work with autofill on Android. I can't even force an autofill menu up by holding down in the fill box. Seems like it might be a restriction from the Reddit app?

  • ag_timothyag_timothy

    Team Member

    Hi @hasmat, no form to submit but I think that's a great idea. I've shared your interest with the team. I'm seeing the same behavior with Reddit and Hertz and have reported those. Thanks for bringing these to our attention!

    Hi @rzzz, thanks for sharing the links. With both apps I found that I could fill a password from the password field but that other fields were not filled. I've reported that to the team. If you don't see a prompt from 1Password when you tap a password field, I would suggest setting prompts below fields:
    1. Open and unlock 1Password for Android.
    2. Tap the account or collection icon.
    3. Tap Settings > Autofill.
    4. Tap Display Autofill prompts > Below the fields they relate to.

    Hi @GolferWHH, thanks for writing in.

    We've made some recent changes and 1Password should now be filling in the RBC app. If 1Password doesn't prompt you to fill there, confirm the most recent updates are installed.

    At the moment in the CIBC and Simplii apps it looks like 1Password can only fill the password field after the password field is tapped. The card number won't be filled. I've reported that to the team. If you don't see a prompt from 1Password when you tap a password field, I would suggest setting prompts below fields:
    1. Open and unlock 1Password for Android.
    2. Tap the account or collection icon.
    3. Tap Settings > Autofill.
    4. Tap Display Autofill prompts > Below the fields they relate to.

    in some cases and received a 1PW message something like "fill and update", after which it more(?) automatically fills the password for that site.

    For 1Password for Android to suggest a login, it must be linked to the website or app in question. Websites are linked via a URL but Android apps require an app link. To add a link you can tap a sign in field in an app or website, tap "Open 1Password", use the search bar to find your item by title then tap "Fill & Update Login"

    Thanks again!

  • cfbenbowcfbenbow
    Community Member

    Some help with Android Team Awareness Kit would be appreciated as well. That one is a little different as the passwords are not for the app itself, but certain passwords from other sites are needed to authenticate to some of the resources that the app uses. For instance, I have a login for a imagery website that is also used inside the ATAK app so that ATAK can authenticate and stream imagery from their servers. The autofill option does not work at all. It did previously with LastPass, so not sure if the issues is with 1P or ATAK.

  • BrrryBrrry
    Community Member

    Why not make keyboard for 1password?

  • GolferWHHGolferWHH
    Community Member

    Thanks @BrendanR1P.

    I've got 1Password working on all platforms for both my wife and myself. The explanation for needing to "Fill & Update Login" is appreciated. I'd done this for all my Android Banking apps and know I understand why. I also verified for my wife's Android 1 Password settings that "Display Autofill prompts > Below the fields". I had seen this in a previous post and had done so for my phone.

    Your post brings resolution of most of my Android issues into one place.

    I will add that it seems to me that several of my challenges during my early use of 1 Password have disappeared. One example is when I first installed 1 Password on my Win 11 desktop (the app and Firefox extension), and after getting Windows Hello PIN to work, I needed to first logon to the App, then the extension was active. I wasn't able to logon to 1 Password via the Firefox extension. Sometime in the last week or two I don't have to logon to the 1 Password App before using the extension. Now, I can logon to 1 Password via the extension using Win Hello PIN. I have no idea if there was a "transparent SW" change or if it was something I had done with settings within my Win 11 Desktop PC account. Frankly Scarlet I don't care. It works well and is more user friendly for the way I use a Password Manager.

    My one minor irritant is the requirement to have an account created on the ".CA" site to get billed in $CA. I screwed around so much with this that I gave up getting properly setup to be billed in $CA and now have a functioning 1 Password Environment, albeit I get billed in $US and the exchange ends up costing more than if I could have got the account setup on the ".CA" site. No need to attempt to explain why, I've got it working an I'll live with the billing irritant.

    Anyhow, I have complemented Tech Support, and echo those sentiments here. This forum has been excellent at helping a newbie figure out how to get 1 Password working. The various posters bring different perspectives to an issue and I've found the responses meet my needs.

    Thanks to all.

  • lessterlesster
    Community Member

    I can't get 1P8 to autofill in the Bank of America app on Android.
    It works fine in a browser, including on the BOA site.
    I'm on a Samsung Galaxy S10e, Android 12.

    This support page says this:

    Tap Autofill to turn it on.
    In the list of Autofill services, tap 1Password, then tap OK.

    However, I don't see anything like a "list of Autofill services".
    Is there something else I have to set up first?

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