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I have a secure note saved under my favorites. As soon as I click favorite I can see the password for that particular secure notes. I do not want to see the password unless I actually click on the secure note and open it. On LastPass it gave me the option to password protect it and make it only viewable after the password was entered, I like that option. Can 1password do this as well?


  • Hi @fitzp, thanks for your question.

    The text field in a secure note item cannot be concealed in the same way that a password field can. I would suggest adding a password field to the secure note item then pasting the password there. Alternatively you can use a Login or Password item then paste the rest of the text in to a text field there.

    Would that option work for you or are you interested in locking individual items or vaults? If you're interested in locking individual items or vaults, could you share a little more about your use case so I can pass that feedback to the team here? Thanks again!

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