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url encryption

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i just learned that last pass does NOT encrypt everything in my vault. (seems deceptive).

are the names of the websites, urls, that i save usernames and passwords for in 1password, encrypted?

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  • Tertius3Tertius3
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    Every item and every field in your vaults are encrypted. No exception. It's also not only the value of each field that is encrypted, it's the complete record as a whole. Each record is encrypted as one big encrypted blob. In case you create custom fields with custom field labels, the custom field labels is encrypted with it, and even the number of fields is not known to the outside.

  • 1passquest1passquest
    Community Member

    thanks, that is very helpful

  • ag_mike_dag_mike_d

    Team Member

    Hi @1passquest and thanks @Tertius3 for the helpful reply. 👍

    I just wanted to jump and provide an alternate thread that discusses this topic and where you can find more details about the 1Password security model. If you'd like some more in-depth information, please take a look at our 1Password white paper. Thanks!

  • 1passquest1passquest
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    Thanks, i am still so surprised that LP did not encrypt the websites associated with the usernames and passwords, i just wanted to double check.

  • PeterG_1PPeterG_1P

    Team Member

    Happy to help, @1passquest. Thanks for the question!

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