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Catch-22? Trial account was not renewed, now frozen, and can't log in to provide payment info

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In Aug 2022, I created an account on I mistakenly I thought I had paid for a year's subscription, but it turns out it was a trial. I have several 1Password accounts that I control and, additionally, assist about one person per month set up an account of their own, including helping them import passwords, clean-up their vaults, and, from that point forward, use your product. Sometimes they prefer I do all that work, so I log into their account on one of my machines where I can work much more efficiently. Thus, on some of my devices I might have several accounts connected to the 1Password client. As little as a week ago (late Dec 2022), I was able to add this personal "Aug 2022" account of mine to one of my devices (an iPad, though I doubt that matters).

The "individual" trial that I started in Aug 2022 has records in it that I would like to keep, and, as I said, I am logged into it on a few of my devices.

Today I learned that the account in question is "Frozen." Investigating that is how I discovered that I had but a trial, not a yearly subscription. II visited in order to log in and provide payment so as to thaw the account. When logging in on the web I'm told that something's wrong about my credentials. While that's possible, it's extremely unlikely. I was able to get the system to send me a "We’ve received your request for help with 1Password" e-mail to the address I created the account with, so I know that's good.

This seems like a bad Catch-22 situation. How do I provide payment credentials and thaw the account?

1Password Version: 8.911
Extension Version: 2.41
OS Version: macOS 13.1 (22C65)
Browser:_ Safari Technology Preview (release 160)
Referrer: forum-search:Recover Frozen Account


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