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Feature Request: Color theme choices or custom color theme importing

It would be really nice if the 1Password desktop app (win/mac/linux) could provide choices of color themes - or better yet - custom color theme importing. Note that I'm not referring to dark mode vs. light mode. What I mean is that we're currently stuck with these 6 colors: https://logotyp.us/logo/1password/
Many popular applications allow for custom themes to be imported. For example the Dracula theme has a well-defined color palette, and has provided themes using that color palette to many applications: https://draculatheme.com/
It even has a GTK theme for Gnome/Linux: https://draculatheme.com/gtk
Perhaps 1Password could define a json or xml file format for setting colors for various application elements - or even setting just the 6 colors I mentioned above, and then of course a way to import that file. Even if involves a manual step of just dropping that file in a particular location on the file system. This way, anyone out there in the world could create custom color themes for 1Password. They just need to adhere to the expected structure of the file. Oh heck, even the web-version of 1Password could allow importing the same theme file. (But honestly I care more about the desktop app.)
Thank you so much!

1Password Version: 8.9.10
Extension Version: 1Password for Linux 8.9.10 (80910043)
OS Version: Fedora 37 / Gnome 43
Browser:_ Not Provided


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