Password strength - How do I get strong rated passwords with a limit of 16 characters?

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Hello all,

I unfortunately have some credentials where the website does not allow more than 16 characters.
When I have a password generated, it is sometimes rated "very good" and sometimes a little better "excellent", but never "fantastic" (ratings translated from German, not sure what the English term is, sorry).

How do I get strong (if possible fantastic) passwords with a limit of 16 characters?

Thanks a lot!

1Password Version: 1Password for Windows 8.9.10
Extension Version: Firefox Extensiton Version 2.5.1
OS Version: Windows 11 Pro 22621.963
Browser:_ Firefox 108.0.1 (64-Bit)


  • Tertius3
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    To create a "fantastic" password, you need to create the password inline with the generator integrated in a password field within 1Password. It must not be a password generated and copy+pasted from elsewhere, even if it is the same 1Password generator but in another 1Password module. For example you create it within the browser plugin, then copy it to the desktop app: this password will not get the highest rating, because the analyzer doesn't know that the pasted password was generated by using truly random characters or words. If you save the password directly within the browser plugin, it gets "fantastic", if you copy+paste the same password to some other entry, it doesn't get fantastic.

  • steven84
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    Cool, it works in that way. Many thanks!

  • Hi @steven84! I'm so pleased to hear that you've been able to generate a Fantastic-rated password for the website you mentioned - thanks for the assist here @Tertius3! If you have any further questions or concerns, don't hesitate to reach back out 😄

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