one-time-password does not work for shared salesforce user

We have a salesforce user, that is shared with multiple peope in our team. So we are having credential for the salesforce user in a shared vault. Recently SF have enforced MFA. We used 1password as authenticator. But not everyone sees the same verification code at any point of time. Also, only my code works (may be because I am the one to set up 1passwprd as authenticator). Other people's code does not work. I give my code to others and it works for them too (they are able to login). Please help.

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  • Hi @avinashs9s

    Because your one-time password works, that would tell us that the correct secret is stored in 1Password. Also, because it's a TOTP (time-based one-time password), that would suggest that your system clock is correct, but your teammates' clocks aren't. They may be off by only a minute or two, but that's enough to make the code generated invalid.

    ☞ Have them check their system clocks against and adjust them accordingly.

    Experience has shown us that almost all issues with one-time passwords are because of a slightly inaccurate system clock. Give that a try and let me know how you get on. I'll be here if you need further help. :)

    — Grey

  • avinashs9s
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    we all work in different timezones. I am in India (GMT+5:30), two people in Finland (GMT+2). Will each one matching their system time with will solve the problem?

  • @avinashs9s

    Time-based one-time passwords are all calculated based on GMT, so as long as all your teammates have the correct time zone chosen in their devices' settings, that will all work as intended.

    For example, if the system clock showed 2pm (14:00) when set to GMT±0 (where I'm based), 1Password would show the same time-based one-time password as a teammate in Toronto at 9am (09:00) if their time zone is set to GMT-5.

  • avinashs9s
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    yes, it worked. thank you!

  • That's excellent to hear. On behalf of GreyM1P, you're very welcome.

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