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1Password beta for iOS 16.3 B1

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Hi there,

I’m currently running 1Password iOS 8.9.9 (80909016) on iOS 16.3 B1 on my iPhone 14 Pro Max and experiencing the following bugs on it.

  • Bug#1
    Open 1Password > search > search for an item > entry comes up > tap entry > and now tap search again and you get a black screen

  • Bug#2
    When creating new/editing entries the app sometimes crashes

  • Bug#3
    When creating a tag with the value e.g. 01/01 it splits it up into two tags

Anything else I can think of or find I’ll add here.

Feature requests:
Is there any option to check the password history as you can in the web portal?


  • OmniiOMEGAOmniiOMEGA
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    You go to create a new entry and half way filling out the item you sometimes lose it and have to start again

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