Password was viewed by a users.


As part of our offboarding process we wanted to know the passwords viewed/copied by a users so that it can be rotated.
How can i find out if a the list of password viewed by a users. Does it get recorded in the activity logs?

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Referrer: forum-search:How can i find out if a the password was viewed by a users. Doe it get recorded in the activity logs?


  • Hi @reghukallaril, welcome to the 1Password Support Community. 👋

    If you're using 1Password Business, you can create a Usage Report for each departing user to determine which items they have accessed.

    After that, you can learn which credentials should be changed manually to ensure these users aren't able to access your critical systems and accounts at a later date. The Activity Log is intended to showcase records for high-level account actions and thus you won't receive specific information pertaining to item usage there.

    You can read more about offboarding process in the linked support article below:

    Offboard a team member

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