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I currently have an account with client vaults. I typically create one and then invite the client to their vault. I have a new client who has their own account and has invited me to theirs. When I click on the invite, it's asking me to create a whole new account. Is this correct? Is there not a way to tie them together?

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    Hi @dawna,

    Welcome to 1Password Support Community, 👋

    That's the correct behavior when you already have an existing 1Password account and another person invites you to their own. Each 1Password account is a separate entity with its own users, vaults, and items. This means you must accept their invitation to join their team separately to gain access to any vaults they intend to share; there isn't a way to merge or tie these accounts together so you only have a single login.

    To read more about managing multiple 1Password accounts, I've linked an article below:

    How to use multiple accounts

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