Coexistence of Passkeys + Passwords?

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Several benefits of passkeys over passwords will not be relevant until password access to an account has been completely removed/disabled.
When 1Password implements passkeys on some platforms before others, I think that means I will need to preserve password access for any accounts I want to continue accessing from a not yet 1Password/passkey supported platform. Amiright?

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  • Hi there @randomandy

    Personally, I'd expect that most websites will have passkeys available as an option for some time, and passwords will still be available as a fallback for devices and platforms that don't support passkeys just yet. There will most likely be a period of transition. That'll be a decision made by that website or service, and not 1Password, but I would be very surprised for any widely-used websites to move straight to passkeys-only any time soon.

    — Grey

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