why does it feel like I have to retype the keyboard shortcut twice

I grew up on 1Password's pre-v8 experience where I hit [Cmd]-\ once, I unlock the password vault, and the matching creds were automatically filled into the browser fields. Super-speedy responsiveness, no waiting wondering whether I mistyped, always fills in for sites I've visited before.

My experience since upgrading to v8 (desktop + browser extensions) is
1. hit [Cmd]-\
2. wait a few seconds for unlock prompt (now with TouchID, which is nice) and unlock the vault
3. wait
4. finally decide that 1Password isn't going to fill the creds for me
5. hit [Cmd]-\ again
6. wait a few more seconds, wondering if it's going to fill my creds this time

Generally after step 6 I'm finally into the authenticated site (barring PEBCAK issues).

So really I guess I have two asks:
1. Can we improve 1Password 8's experience so that I only have to hit [Cmd]-\ once - bringing back the pre-v8 experience?
2. Can we speed up the 1Password vault's responsiveness, so that I'm not waiting seconds and wondering if 1Password crashed/locked up/didnt get my request?

Still love the potential of the product to stay my favoured password manager, but getting frustrated at feeling like I traded "simplicity" and "responsiveness" for "a common codebase that made things better for the vendor".

1Password Version: 8.9.11
Extension Version: 2.5.1
OS Version: macOS 13.0.1
Browser:_ Brave (but similar experience in Firefox & Chrome)
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  • Joy_1P
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    Hey @MikeTheCanuck, if you have just one login for the website, then you only need to invoke cmd+\ once to fill. Here's an example of how it works: https://share.cleanshot.com/185p01vB

    If you have more than one login for a website, you would have to select the login after invoking cmd+. Here's an example of how that works: https://share.cleanshot.com/LRLgqq6d

    In my videos, I'm using Safari but the experience should be the same in all browsers that we officially support (Brave included). In fact, it should fill faster in those other browsers.

    If your experience is different from that in my videos, then I'd like to ask a few questions:

    1. It's been about 2 weeks since you wrote in (sorry for the delay in replying).
    • Have you noticed a change in the behavior?
    • Are you still on 1Password 8.9.11?
    1. Does the issue happen when filling websites that have just one login or multiple logins?
    2. Do you have any extensions installed in Brave? (We can check on the other browsers later.)
    3. Do you use an anti-virus or anti-malware program on your computer?
    4. Do you use a proxy or VPN?

    Let us know how things are going! Talk to you again soon.

  • MikeTheCanuck
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    edited April 15

    Thanks Joy! Between the time you authenticate to the 1Password engine (the TouchID prompt at around 0:05 in your second video) and when we see the "Search 1Password" and list of creds to select from, I'm wondering if you had to perform any further input (keyboard, mouse, trackpad) - or if it just happened automatically as a result of your successful auth to 1P8?

    For me, the challenge was (and unpredictably, but still sometimes is) that once I've auth'd to 1P8, nothing appears on screen until I hit the [Cmd]-\ keyboard shortcut again.

    I've been on the Nightly channel for a couple of months (currently running 8.10.5 with 2.7.0 extension), and I am pretty sure I've still seen this lack of response after the auth succeeds, but I did just try this now - locked the extension and desktop apps, opened the reddit.com login prompt, hit [Cmd]-\ shortcut, auth'd with TouchID, and saw the "Search 1Password" UI overlay within a couple of seconds - so it isn't as reproducible as when I reported this back in January. Maybe there's some extra timeout that happens when the extension/desktop app have been locked for a while?

    Either way, I felt bad about leaving this unanswered, and evidence is encouraging though I'm not convinced I haven't seen this get in my way recently - but maybe I'm just imagining ghosts in the machine.

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