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Best Practice: Archived Accounts?

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I recently changed auto insurance providers. So I have two accounts, one for the current provider and one for the legacy provider. Imagine for the sake of argument, the old provider went out of business or otherwise in accordance with its policies, deleted my old account from their database.

In a situation like that, I like to move the old account into a vault that I call "David's Archives." The login credentials are no longer valid and cannot be updated (the account doesn't exist anymore) but for peace of mind, I want to remember that yes, I did have an account with them at one point, I used a certain email address with them, I created it on such a date, etc.

Within the old pre-Electron macOS client, which I think was 1Password 6 or possibly 7, I could exclude that archives vault from search results. I don't remember if Watchtower also ignored selected vaults. Therein the rub... Watchtower is now scanning my archives vault and telling me the password for my old auto insurance account is weak, could be protected by enabling 2FA, etc. Likewise, the old entry shows up in the search results.

What is the recommended best practice for this?

Do people just convert these entries into a format that Watchtower doesn't scan? (And which one?)

I can respect that Agilebits deliberately does not have an "exclude this" option because people shouldn't be opting out of common sense security practices, but one compromise could be that you cannot automatically open-and-fill any forms with data from an archived record?

1Password Version: 8.9.11
Extension Version: 2.5.1
OS Version: macOS 13.1
Browser:_ Safari


  • Tertius3Tertius3
    Community Member

    There's actually an archive function for entries. I can delete an entry, or I can archive it. Right-click an entry and you see this option. If I archive an entry, it vanishes as regular entry and is instead eternally available in the "Archive" category you find at the bottom of the sidebar. I use this functionality to archive once important, now defunct entries like your insurance entry. These entries will not show up with search.

    If you use a vault for archived entries (which I find vastly less convenient than the simple archive function), you can create collections to define search scopes. Create a collection of vaults that does not include your archive vault, and searches will ignore the archive vault.

  • hodnettdhodnettd
    Community Member

    Thank you very much!

  • Dave_1PDave_1P

    Team Member


    I'm happy that @Tertius3 (thank you for replying!) was able to help! šŸ™‚

    Don't hesitate to post again if you have any other questions.


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