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Autofill does not work for passwords on NYTimes.com

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The NYTimes.com website asks for the password on a 2nd screen, after getting the username. 1Password does not seem to recognize the password request, and thus does not suggest any entries. Nor does the 1Password icon appear, as it does on other websites, above the keyboard (on the right edge).

I'm aware that I can use copy/paste or drag/drop. Those work-arounds are not only inconvenient, but also less secure: when (properly-working) autofill refuses to populate a site, it can be a warning that you're on a phishing page.

1Password Version: 8.10.0
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Android 13
Browser:_ Chrome


  • bartek1passwordbartek1password
    Community Member

    Try this, as posted by 1P employee in another thread:

    1. Open the 1Password 8 for Android app
    2. Tap the account/collection icon in the top right.
    3. Tap Settings > Autofill
    4. Tap Display autofill prompts, then tap Below the fields they relate to
  • ag_audreyag_audrey

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    edited January 24

    Hey @Netpog, thanks so much for reaching out to us here!

    I've tested the nytimes.com site in Chrome and confirm I see the same behaviour that you've described. I found that I could fill by changing an Autofill setting to show Autofill suggestions within a dropdown menu below the username or password fields instead of in the suggestion strip above the virtual keyboard:
    1. Open and unlock 1Password for Android.
    2. Tap the top right account or collection icon.
    3. Tap Settings > Autofill.
    4. Tap Display Autofill prompts > Below the fields they relate to.

    After changing the setting, are you able to fill in nytimes.com as well? Otherwise, were you using a different browser?

    Thanks for trying to help, @bartek1password!

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