Auto Lock an option?


I am new to 1Password. I am really enjoying it but one thing kind of bugs me quite a bit. Having to reenter my master password every time I open my browser.
Quite annoying to do, so can there be an option to disable that? Perhaps once a month or something?

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  • Ekalb
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    1) Have you installed the 1Password application?
    If you haven't done it yet, do it.
    The installation file is available here :

    2) If the application is already installed :
    Normally, the application and the extension are linked. If you open 1Password through the extension, the application is also opened (and vice versa).
    To check if the extension and the browser are linked, do this:
    1. In the extension settings, check if "Integrate with 1Password app" is activated
    2. In the application settings > Browser, check if "Connect with 1Password in th brower" is activated.

  • Hey @Jaime510,

    @Ekalb is right, you have more control over your auto lock settings from the 1Password desktop app. Once you have installed it here is a guide on how to change the settings: How to set 1Password to lock automatically.

    I hope this helps!

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