Secret Key / Vault Whereabouts?

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Since 1Password does not have knowledge of my Secret Key, yet it is preserved after your my login on a given device (as I am not prompted for it every time), it must reside on my local device somewhere.

With this, I’m concerned about an attack or breach on one of my devices that contains both the vault and secret key. (I know I still have the Master Password, but let’s keep that out of this discussion.)

On a laptop running Widows 10, where specifically does the secret key reside – registry, browser cookies, file on disk, etc? What about on an iPhone running IOS 16.2?

As long as, I’m asking questions, where specifically does the vault reside on Windows 10 and IOS?


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    Hello @pwm2themax,

    Sorry for the delay in response. I'll include our article here which discusses these details and more, About your Secret Key.

    With regard to your question about the location of the vault, for Windows, Windows: The location depends on how 1Password was installed:

    • 1Password installer (.exe): %LOCALAPPDATA%\1Password\App
    • MSI installer: %ProgramFiles%\1Password\App

    For iOS, 1Password’s data resides within the storage iOS assigns to the app. If you delete the app iOS deletes all data related to 1Password including the local copies of the vault. This is so users don’t have to worry about data sticking around on the device for an app they no longer use. Going to iOS Settings > General > iPhone Storage > 1Password, you can see all the data related to 1Password on the device.

    I hope this information helps, but please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.

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