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Hi there,

First post here! Hope you can help.

Have just signed up to 1P and installed the Android app.
I'm having some difficulty where the app doesn't populate usernames / passwords for Android app logins. It works fine for websites.

Tapping on the username or password fields, I get the 'Open 1Password' prompt. Tapping this takes me into the 1P app for search suggestions. I then locate the site & it then appears to populate the login fields.

Is there something else I need to do to get this working (perhaps a setting regarding form fill)?
Do I need to do this for every site/app I use?

In the 1P app, all the Autofill options are [ON].

Sorry this is such a trivial question. I set up a password manager app on my phone many years ago, so may've misremembered how it needs agreement for form filling for apps.


Android 12. OxygenOS 12.1
1Password app version: 8.9.12

1Password Version: 8.9.12
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Not Provided
Browser:_ Not Provided


  • Hi @dogAndPonyShow, thanks for your question.

    For 1Password to suggest an item, it needs to be linked to the website or app. For websites, this is done via the URL in the website field of the item and will typically work across all your devices. Android app domains work a little differently and due in part to security precautions, 1Password will not match based on the title or URL of the item, even if it's similar. For example, if you create a Login through 1Password on the Facebook website, 1Password for Android will not automatically associate that Login with the Facebook app on your Android device.

    If you didn't create the item through the given app, the link will need to be added. To do so you can tap the "Open 1Password" option in the app in question, search for and select the appropriate Login item then approve your selection by tapping "Fill & Update Login". After doing so, your item should fill and an app link will be added to the item.

    Let me know if that works for you, or if you have any questions!

  • dogAndPonyShow
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    @ag_timothy Thanks for your reply. Got it. Have a great day.

  • Happy to help @dogAndPonyShow!

  • aprophetat1password

    Thanks for your enlightening reply.
    This has been very informative thread since I've encountered a similar problem.. (I'm on a Samsung S8 tablet and a S20 phone.)
    Regarding the app, I must be missing something very basic, but where does one find "Open 1Password" option of an app?
    Also, does this work for apps that were installed before using 1Password on an ongoing basis?

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    Hi there,

    You'll see it when you tap a password field:

    It will then give you to option to open 1P and search for the corresponding login account.

    The order you install the apps shouldn't matter, as long as there's an account for the relevant app/site in 1Password.

  • Hi @aprophetat1password, thanks for your question! What dogAndPonyShow shared is correct (thanks for the assist!).

    After tapping a field 1Password can fill (email, username, password, credit card and more) you should see a prompt either below fields or in the suggestion strip of your keyboard. This prompt may include suggested items as well as "Open 1Password" or just the "Open 1Password" prompt depending on your settings and if you have anything linked.

    If you have any questions or I can clarify at all, just let me know!

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