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Lastpass Import causes duplicates

This is really frustrating.
I have a vault of abotu 1500 items. Importing it causes that to double.
I've cleared cache, logged out of Lastpass, tried mutiple browsers and nothing works.
I noticed on the 1password import page it now prompts you to download the 1password 8 windows app.
Did that and there is no menu that I can see for what is state
"If you already have the desktop app, open and unlock 1Password, then choose File> Import to Import from Lastpass"

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  • ScottS1PScottS1P

    Team Member

    Hello there @IcarusNYC,

    I'm Scott on the 1Password support team. It's nice to meet you.

    I'm sorry to hear about the trouble you've had importing information from LastPass, but it's my pleasure to assist you today.

    I noticed on the 1password import page it now prompts you to download the 1password 8 windows app.
    Did that and there is no menu that I can see for what is state

    This messaging is a part of an upcoming feature that will simplify imports from LastPass, but is not yet available in the 1Password apps. For the moment, we've rolled back that messaging in the 1Password website.

    Because of this, I'd suggest two options:

    1. Wait for the new import feature to be available. I don't have an exact timeline, but it should be "soon."
    2. Send an email to [email protected] -- we may be able to help you identify what's going wrong with the import that is causing the duplication. While I'd normally be happy to help here on the forums, there is good a chance that the discussion will need some private information and it's best not to share anything like there on our community site, which is all publicly viewable.

    If you opt to go with option 2, let me know when you've emailed in and I'll try to expedite your request. If the system replies back and gives you a ticket ID, post it here so I can find your message more quickly.

    Thank you,

  • IcarusNYCIcarusNYC
    Community Member

    I had opened up a ticket but there is no number. Was emailing back and forth with an Errol who basically said I had to manually delete the items. They wrote:

    Currently, duplicates in 1Password 8 need to be done manually.

    The following options are available to assist with filtering/sorting the duplicates:

    Watchtower's Reused Passwords checker

    Sort options: sort by title to spot similarly named items (e.g. multiple "Google" items)

    Creation and modification timestamps on item details

    Customers have asked for a tool to help in detecting and removing duplicates and it is something our development team is aware of.

    Let me know if you need further assistance.

    Business Support Specialist @ 1Password

  • ScottS1PScottS1P

    Team Member

    Hello @IcarusNYC,

    Thanks for letting me know. While Errol is generally correct, I'd also like to dig into why the items are being duplicated on import, and determine if it's possible to clear the whole vault and start fresh. To that end, I have a few questions for you:

    1. Do you have a spreadsheet program such as Excel or Numbers (for Mac) installed on your computer? If so, it can open the CSV file exported from LastPass and may help to highlight any data that is corrupt or duplicated in the file. I'd advise a brief review in such a program for any obvious problems. If you find all of the rows are duplicated in the export file, that would explain the duplicates in 1Password. Consider exporting the information from LastPass again and see if the duplicates persist. If you find another issue, it would be best to discuss it over email. Let me know if that's the case and I'll send you a message so we can connect and discuss this in private.
    2. Does that vault contain any other information, or does it only contain the information that was imported? If there is no other data and there have been no important changes since importing, you may find it easier to delete the vault, recreate it, and import again.

    I'll be on the lookout out for your reply.

    Thank you,

  • IcarusNYCIcarusNYC
    Community Member
    1. I did check in Excel for duplicates, there were none.
    2. "Does that vault contain any other information, or does it only contain the information that was imported?" I don't know what you mean. My vault contains MY information. I've tried multiple times in seperate vaults. Each time it's duplicates.
  • ScottS1PScottS1P

    Team Member

    Hi @IcarusNYC

    With regard to question 2, I was asking if the vault was empty before the import. If only contains data from the import, it can sometimes be helpful to delete and recreate the vault, then import the data again without duplicates. I find that to be easier than deduplicating 1500 items, but it sounds like it may not be possible in this case.

    Can you send an email to [email protected] from the same email address as your 1Password account? Please include a link to this thread, which will help us to link up our conversation here with the new support ticket.


    Thank you,

  • IcarusNYCIcarusNYC
    Community Member

    Right. Basically what I've done is create a new vault for each import
    Lastpass import 1
    Lastpass import 2

    Everytime I tried something new

    • new browser
    • waited 24 hours after logging out of lastpass
    • csv excel check for dupes
    • clear cache

    Nothing seems to work

  • ag_maxag_max

    Team Member

    Hi @IcarusNYC,

    Let us know if you're still running into obstacles with the above. And if you haven't yet contacted us via email, I'd like to get this conversation moved there so we can work more closely.

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