Easy (or easiest) access to "generate password"?

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Recent migration to 1Password, so still getting used to things. Trying to figure out the easiest way to simply generate a new password without any other context (scenarios below). In the browser, you can click 1pass extension button / hamburger / password generator which is ok, but don't see anything similar on desktop app. Ideally, would be nice to simply right-click the app in tray and have "Generate password..." as an option.

As for scenarios: Sometimes, 1password doesn't pick up that I'm trying to create/change a password for a site (particularly when changing passwords, as I think some forms with "current" and "new" passwords can be difficult); seems like a lot of clicks. (I have a few use cases that are probably edge cases, but nevertheless was something I used quite a bit on another platform.)

Thanks for any tips!

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  • Hello @bthnc,

    Thanks for your message and providing these use cases. Currently, the Password Generator as mentioned from 1Password in the browser is the easiest way to create a password: Create a custom password

    In the 1Password 8 for Windows app, creating or editing items will allow you to Create a New Password using the password generator when clicking in the password field.

    We understand that there are some cases and seeing the password generator have it's option from the system tray would be helpful. I've passed your thoughts along to the Product team. We appreciate your feedback!

    ref: 29757795

  • guilleds
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    I have been a 1Password subscriber for several years. In versions prior to 8, a separate password could be generated by right-clicking on the notification area icon without having to access the desktop application. I don't know why in version 8 you removed that possibility since it is very practical.

  • Thanks for your message, @guilleds!

    We are continuing to forward customer feedback to the Product team for those that are looking for the return of a separate password generator in 1Password 8.

    Could you provide some additional feedback about any use cases where you need to generate a password, but aren’t on a web page with a password field and don’t need to create/save a new item, and creating a custom password in 1Password in the browser do not suit your need. I'd happy to pass that feedback along to the team!

    Looking forward to your reply.

    ref: 29757795

  • guilleds
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    For example, right now I have to change the password of my Telegram app, and this is not done from the web but yes from within the app. The 1Password app does not have access there, so I need to generate a strong password. Even in the web version of Telegram, the login is done from the mobile app.

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    I take the liberty of detailing the suggestion of @ag_mike_d
    I assume you have an item for Telegram in 1Password.
    If so, you open
    1) Telegram
    2) 1Password at Telegram entry > Edit > Select password field. 1Password asks you if you want to create a new password, you accept and copy this new password to Telegram.
    You save the changes in Telegram and 1Password

  • ag_mike_d
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    Hello @guilleds (and thanks for the assist here @Ekalb!),

    Could you let us know if you've had any luck following the steps provided above? Details about using the in-app password generator @Ekalb mentioned are located in this guide, change your password in the 1Password apps.

    Let us know if you have any further questions. Thanks!

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