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I migrated from LastPass, where I used to have a "Work" folder, with only work-related entries, and a "Financial" folder, with only personal financial-related entries; all other entries were in my generic "Personal" folder, where I spent the vast majority of my time. The reason I did this was because I didn't want anyone to accidentally see my work- or financial-related websites; that is, I would have to manually navigate into those folders (which I seldom did, because their entries remained mostly static) for someone to, for example, see their contents if they were hovering behind me, doing a screen-sharing session, etc.

I understand that after the migration to 1Password, my folders are now tags. Clicking on "All Items", of course, lists all the items in the vault but I'd like for this to be like my LastPass "Personal" folder, where it excludes the Work and Financial folder entries.

Unless I did something wrong, I tried moving the tagged Work and Financial entries into their own vault but they are still showing up in the "All Items" list of my main vault.

Is there a way for me to replicate the same functionality as in LastPass? That is, yes, I want to go through extra steps to view/manage my Work and Financial vault entries and I do not want them to appear in the "All Items" list of my main vault, where I spend the vast majority of my time.


1Password Version: 8.9.12
Extension Version: 2.5.1
OS Version: Windows
Browser:_ Chrome


  • Tertius3
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    To use tags like folders in the sidebar instead of the hardcoded categories in the desktop app, it's useful to activate the display of tags and disable the display of categories in the sidebar. Settings->Appearance. Now your two tags will appear in the sidebar on the left, and if you click on them, the list will be filtered accordingly. Don't use the "all items" category, use the tag for filtering.

    "All items" will continue to contain all items, which is defined as the combination of all items in all your vaults in your account or in your current collection. If you want to make a part of your items completely invisible, sort them into vaults and create different collections for them. This will remove them from search results as well. However, this might be overkill. Usually, it's the easiest way for managing to keep all items in the same vault and only use the tags as filter.

  • Nusaram
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    Thanks, @Tertius3!

    I'm not sure what happened the other day, but now I was able to successfully move items into their own vault.

    Then, using your suggestion, I created collections and this finally gave me the functionality I wanted! Thank you!!!

    What's important, though, is that I tested in the desktop app that after reboot, clear cache, etc., that when I restarted the app, it would not revert to the starting with the Account view (which has the "All Items" that shows everything from all vaults). Thankfully, it did not and it shows the last view; thus, the app continued to open showing the last collection I had open.

    In the Browser extension, not exactly the equivalent functionality, but I was able to disable vaults; this caused their entries to be omitted from the "All Items" list. Once again, this resulted in the functionality I wanted.

    This works and I'm happy, but 1Password Team, for the Browser extension, collections should be an option for "Open 1Password to" setting.

    Thanks again for your help, @Tertius3!

  • Hello @Nusaram and thanks @Tertius3 for the assist!

    I'm happy to hear this suggestion of Collections helped. Your feedback about 1Password in the browser supporting collections and an Open 1Password to has been noted and passed along to the Product team. We appreciate this feedback!

    If you have further questions or concern, please let us know!

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