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Login to Browser with Authenticator Only

Hello. I use my personal 1Password account to store my personal information as well as logins on my workplace computer. I have 2-factor authentication enabled using the Authy Android app. Is it possible to login to the browser extension using the authentication codes generated by Authy alone? I'd like to avoid typing my master password on my workplace computer if possible. It's an older PC without biometric (fingerprint) or face recognition.

(Firefox 108.0.2, Windows 8.1, extension version 2.5.1)

1Password Version: Not Provided
Extension Version: 2.5.1
OS Version: Windows 8.1
Browser:_ Firefox 108.0.2


  • Joy_1PJoy_1P

    Team Member
    edited January 20

    Hey @Scott808, you can set up 2FA for your 1Password account, but your Account Password is still necessary in order to sign in. If you feel that your work device isn't safe or secure, even though your data would be encrypted via your Account Password, then I would not recommend using 1Password.

  • Scott808Scott808
    Community Member

    Hi, @Joy_1P,

    Thank you for your response. Like others who have switched from LastPass, I appreciated the ability to have the LastPass app on my trusted device authenticate my browser extension. As 1Password moves toward "passwordless" logins, is there any consideration of adding a similar feature in the future?

  • MareidMareid
    Community Member

    This is something I'm looking for as well. I'm trying this out as a switch from LastPass and having to log in every time I bring up a new browser is really a pain. No one but me has access to my computer and I have a Yubikey. That should be sufficient security.

  • steph.gilessteph.giles

    Team Member

    Hey @Mareid, @Scott808

    If you have the 1Password app installed you have some additional auto lock settings which you may find useful in terms of reducing the frequency at which your password is required or using biometrics to unlock. Here's our guide with some more information: How to set 1Password to lock automatically.

    Currently there is no way to use a security key to unlock 1Password but I can understand where you are coming from so I have passed this on to our product team for consideration.

    Thank you for taking the time to let us know ways in which we can improve 1Password.

    ref: PB-30459078

  • Scott808Scott808
    Community Member

    Hi, @steph.giles

    Thanks for the link. This doesn't quite do it for me, but I appreciate your forwarding this to 1Password's product team.

  • steph.gilessteph.giles

    Team Member

    You're welcome @Scott808, thank you for providing your feedback!

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