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Can't login on Apple Watch

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Just signed up for 1Password last week. I installed the app on my Apple Watch, but it won't let me login. It says, "Error checking for passcode." Passcode could not be checked. Please contact customer support." I tried removing 1Password from my watch and re-installing it. Rebooting. Not sure what else to do.
Apple Watch Series 6, iPhone 12 Pro, Windows PC (Chrome)


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    If you recently signed up you're most likely using 1Password 8. Can you confirm that? Can you also check your phone and make sure that you only have 1Password 8 present? The description sounds a lot like I would expect to see from 1Password 7 though its not an exact fit. Can you confirm the version of watchOS installed on the Watch and the iOS version on the phone?

    Welcome to the community and 1Password.

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    Hello and thank you for the welcome. Everything is updated to the most current version:
    iPhone: iOS 16.2
    Watch iOS: updated
    1Password: 8

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    Just to confirm you have a pin code set on the device? Have you given the phone and the watch a restart?

    1. Open Settings on your Apple Watch.
    2. Tap Passcode, then tap Enable Passcode.

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