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Reordering fields & sections - issue

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Finally field and section reordering is available (in the current nightly 81000021). Great! Thanks!

There is a small issue. If you try to drag a field from one section to a different section, the possible destination in the other section isn't outlined. It appears as if the other section isn't a valid destination, but actually a dragged item is moved to the end of the other section. In a second step, you can move it within that section.
That's all fine, but I somewhat miss an indication that the other section is a valid target.
Please don't remove the possibility to move a field to a different section. If it's not possible to visualize the other section, keep it the way as it is. Moving only within the same section isn't sufficient, given the fact that in the 2 years where this reordering feature wasn't available, we accumulated many misplaced items at the end of our items.

I found out moving a field to a different section is possible with a visualization, and even an exact location within that section is possible, but not for all destination section. I first edited my "identity" item and tried to move a custom field from one pre-existing section to a different pre-existing section (from the "Internet details" section to the "Address" Section above).
That exhibits the described behavior above. On the other hand, moving a custom field from one custom (manually created) section to another custom section, works with perfect visualization.

1Password Version: Nightly 81000021
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Windows 11
Browser:_ Not Provided


  • Tertius3Tertius3
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    edited January 22

    Edit2: this behavior seems to be connected with identity items only. Moving custom or predefined fields between predefined sections in items of other categories, for example with the "Email account" category, is working perfectly fine.

  • Tertius3Tertius3
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    Edit3: I finally reworked all my items with misplaced custom fields, or where I added custom data unformatted to the notes instead of custom fields, and it worked out very good. I counted them: 35 items (out of 185). No more issues. All ok. Again, thanks for finally providing this functionality!

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