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Can I avoid having to reenter 1password in browser extension

Can I avoid having to reenter 1password in browser extension. My previous pw manager did not make me put in pw manager everytime i open the browser. I have set to give me 300 minutes but i would prefer continuous access to 1pw password fill in.

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  • Jaime510Jaime510
    Community Member

    this is also what i have been asking. at least give us the option to have 1Password NOT auto lock just because I closed the browser.

  • Tertius3Tertius3
    Community Member

    Install the desktop app and configure the browser extension to integrate with the desktop app. This way the unlock will survive a browser restart according to the security configuration you set in the desktop app.

  • paul.m_1ppaul.m_1p

    Team Member

    Hi @CMRater and @Jaime510 - Thanks for raising this here 🙂

    As @Tertius3 mentioned, we can install the 1Password app (desktop app) to allow the browser extension to remain unlocked even if the browser is closed. With our current security protocols for the browser extension in 'standalone mode', it isn't possible to keep the extension unlocked if the browser has been closed. I'm sorry for any inconvenience caused.

    Here are some steps to get the app setup, if it's helpful for you:

    1. Download and install the 1Password app: Get the 1Password apps
    2. Open your browser, then right click the 1Password icon in the browser's toolbar and select 'Settings'.
    3. Under the General section, ensure the setting 'Integrate with the 1Password app' is turned on.
    4. You can then tweak the auto-lock settings in the app. Here is a guide on that as well: How to set 1Password to lock automatically

    Let me know how you get on!

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