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Hello. New 1Password Families user coming over from LastPass.

I've seen a thread about this feature and wondered if this was still a feature in development.

I'd like the ability to generate a password without the workaround provided to "mock" creating a new login just to generate a password.

The feature is available in the chrome extension and in the Windows application. Is the feature on the roadmap for the android app? If so, when should it be released?

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  • Hi @pass16v, thanks for your question.

    Currently the independent generator is only available through the 1Password extension. We've heard a lot of feedback about this feature but most requests come for the desktop apps, could you share any additional details about how you would use this feature with 1Password for Android? Thanks again!

  • pass16v
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    Hello ag_timothy,

    This could be a workflow scenario that I'm used to with LastPass and I need to get used to how it is done using 1Password.

    It is like one of those chicken and egg things- which comes first. Let's say I'm a new user to my fitness pal and download the app. The next step is to create an account. At this point, I need my credentials which is usually my email and password. But, I don't have a password yet so in lastpass, I would toggle over to the last pass app and generate a password (without creating a new login item). I would then take this password and copy it into myfitnesspal app and then create the item in lastpass after.

    I've since learned that I can create a new item in 1Password and during that process I can generate a new password. I didn't have that option in LastPass. So, I may be okay with this workflow after all.

    I will say, though, there are some times where being able to generate a password for sites you visit and don't care if you remember the credentials. There are those coupon sites, newspaper sites, etc where they ask you to create an account so I give them a duck.com email address and a bogus password. Having this utility in 1Password makes it just a little bit easier to get through this exercise.

  • Hi @pass16v, thanks for following up with me.

    It sounds like you've found these options but I also wanted to mention that you can create new items or edit existing items from the "Open 1Password" menu after tapping a field in a sign in/up form. To edit existing items you can tap ⋮ beside the item then tap Edit. If the item isn't already linked to the app or website in question, you can search it by title in the search bar.

    That being said, I can definitely see sign up, or change password flows where an independent generator could be helpful. You raise a great point about "bogus" credentials too. While I can't make any promises about the development of 1Password, I've passed your request along to the team. Thanks again!

  • markwavle
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    "...you can create new items or edit existing items from the "Open 1Password" menu after tapping a field in a sign in/up form."

    I am on a website in Chrome on my Android phone right now, signing up for an account. I don't see this "Open 1Password" menu. Where do I find it, or how do I enable it? I have all of the autofill options turned on in the app settings...


  • Hey @markwavle, if you don't see any sort of prompt, it sounds like Autofill might not be working on that particular site in Chrome. Would you mind sharing the site so that we can test it on our end?

  • markwavle
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    @ag_audrey It was thespicehouse.com
    But, I went there again just now, and it seems to be working this time. So, perhaps it was an odd issue that's resolved itself...?

  • Funny but glad that it's working now, @markwavle. I've just tested thespicehouse.com site in Chrome, and it's also working on my end!

    Feel free to let us know if you run into any other sites or apps with filling issues.

  • dragerz
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    +1 for the feature as I'd like it for other ad-hoc uses outside of my std vault - thx for considering

  • Hey @dragerz, thanks for letting us know! We've passed your feedback along to our product team for consideration.

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