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Forgot Master password

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Hello, I forgot to write my master password in an emergency kit and now forgot Master/account password. please help in letting me know if I can reset the account password or move data from old vault to new account.


1Password Version: 7.9.8 (70908000)
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Not Provided
Browser:_ Not Provided


  • Hello @pavan! 👋

    I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing issues with accessing your 1Password account. At 1Password, we value your privacy and security. Because of that, your 1Password account password and Secret Key are tools to decrypt your information and are only stored on your device. They are never transmitted to us. Do you have any devices that are still signed in at the moment? If you do, you can locate your sign in information there. Search for a 1Password Account item in your vault. You should see your 1Password account password and Secret Key there.

    If that doesn't work, here is a guide on what might help if you have forgotten your account password: If you forgot your account password or you can't unlock 1Password

    If that still doesn't work then please send an email to [email protected] so that our support team can see what options are available. After emailing in, you'll receive a reply from BitBot, our friendly robot assistant with a Support ID that looks something like [#ABC-12345-678]. Post that here, and I'll be able to locate your message and make sure it's gotten to the right place.


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