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Just downloaded 1Password. Is there not a way to import saved credit card data from any browser?

1Password Version: 8.8.0
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Win10
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  • Hi there @ghalls

    saved credit card data from any browser

    If you mean (for example) a credit card saved in Chrome or another browser, then generally, the answer is no, because those aren't included when you export from those browsers. In that situation, you'll need to manually add a Credit Card item to 1Password, or copy and paste the required information across.

    If you were using another password manager (not just your browser's saved passwords), then yes, broadly speaking, most other password managers will include credit card items in their exported data, and you can import that into 1Password:

    Move your data from other applications to 1Password

    Have a look through and let me know if you need further help. :)

    — Grey

  • Opus4210
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    I imported from LastPass. My expectation was that either a credit card would be added to the Credit Card category, or that 1Password would let me move it to that category from the Secure Notes tag, but neither is possible. I'll copy the data, I guess, but this feels like a missing feature.

  • Opus4210
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    edited January 2023

    UPDATE: I see now that it was a combination of having the right tag selected while selecting the category. Anyway, my cards are in the Credit Card category.

  • Hi there @Opus4210 - Thanks for your message and update. I'm happy to hear you've found these items in the Credit Card category.

    If you run into any other troubles or additional questions, please let us know!

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