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Upgraded to v8 from v7 but what to do with existing monthly subscription for v7?

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Hi, long time user with v7 and I have a monthly subscription via the apple store for 1password. I just installed v8 and verified I see all my info and passwords. I read the FAQ on what to do with v7 (Once you’ve verified that all your data is in your 1Password account, it’s safe to delete 1Password 7.) but what do I do with the existing monthly subscription I have for v7? Do I cancel and add v8 in app purchase or leave alone?

If this is the wrong forum, I apologize and hope you can redirect me to the appropriate one.


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  • Dave_1PDave_1P

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    Hello @waynemel! 👋

    Since I can't see your account information here on the public forums, I recommend sending an email to [email protected] so that our billing team can answer your question. After emailing in, you'll receive a reply from BitBot, our friendly robot assistant with a Support ID that looks something like [#ABC-12345-678]. Post that here, and I'll be able to locate your message and make sure it's gotten to the right place. 🙂


  • waynemelwaynemel
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    Hi @Dave_1P , thanks. I sent an email with above question and it generated the following, VUC-16173-741


  • Dave_1PDave_1P

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    Thank you for posting the Support ID. I see that my colleague has already responded to you. Please reply to their email if you have any other questions. 🙂


    ref: VUC-16173-741

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