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Question about how to use 1password within playbooks

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Hey everyone, Im extremely new to Ansible, so please excuse all of the mistakes Im about to make in this post. I have a handful of linux servers at work and I want to use ansible to update them regularly. We use 1password, and I have the 1password CLI installed and working on the server I have ansible installed on. I can successfully pull passwords with this test playbook:

  • hosts: localhost

  • name:
    var: lookup("onepassword", "linuxserver1_localadmin")

Im running into a wall trying to figure out how to use 1password within a playbook to specify which password to use when connecting to a server. All of the servers will use the same username, but each has a different password. I know I can put ansible_password=xxxxx in vars, but thats plain text so obviously I cant do that. So within the host file right now I have:



My goal is to run a very simple playbook like this (pseudo-yaml):

  • hosts: linuxserver1
    • name: run updates
      • password: lookup("onepassword", "linuxserver1_localadmin")
        command: yum update -y
        • hosts: linuxserver2
    • name: run updates
      • password: lookup("onepassword", "linuxserver2_localadmin")
        command: yum update -y

Eventually in the hosts file I will have linuxserver3/4/5 etc. Is there a way to specify the password with 1pass in the hosts file, or is it done in the playbook like Im imagining in the pseudo-code?

Thanks for any and all help!

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