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I've used 1Password for years privately.

Now I use it on my corporate Mac which is behind a corporate proxy, VPN and McAfee content filter, which, to say the least, is a pain.

I've spent the last six months bouncing emails back and forth between me and 1Password support and 1P has been extraordinarily helpful. Sadly, to no avail. Proper proxy support in 1P 8 remains unfinished, though that may not even be the culprit in my case (though I'd be curious to test it once said proxy support becomes truly usable). I'm currently in touch with our IT Security to find a solution but that might take a while.

Meanwhile, 1P won't let me save items because it can't call home. I get that your single source of truth for sync is 1password.com but I believe saving items should still work while offline. On this Mac, it does not:

The way I understand it is that 1P for browsers are their own entities and do not, in any way, communicate with the native 1P app on a Mac. They sync their vaults to 1password.com first and then synchronise.

Far be it from me to criticise your product architecture, but in this edge-case-boat that I'm sitting in, it's a frustrating experience.

In the screenshot above, I tried to create a new SSH key for my private Gitlab account so that I can work on private code while on a short business trip (outside of working hours of course :)). Alas, I cannot save the item, presumably because 1P's access to its cloud backend is blocked.

Hence this post's title. IMHO 1P should fully work even when it can't access its cloud brain.

My private Mac is right next to this one. Since 1P is designed to sync everything via 1password.com, that's not helping. Local sync between browser extensions and the native apps would be nice... and local, cross-device sync (Mac, iOS, Windows, what have you) when all that's available is LAN (as opposed to WAN access) would also be desirable.

Is there a workaround for this, other than creating my SSH key the old school way?

Do note that I have quite a few assumptions above in regards to the inner workings of the 1P service. I very much welcome corrections.

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