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I remember discussing here the need to still use an authenticator app as a backup for hardware security keys. This was required as the iPad Pro did not accept Yubikeys and the like through USB-C. With 16.1 I think this limitation has been removed and I can finally connect my Yubikey to my iPad and even fully use Yubikey Authenticator.

Is it finally time to remove the need to have another authenticator app as backup for 1Password account security? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

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  • Hello @JohnnyFJohnsson! 👋

    At the moment, you're right that it's not possible to remove your Authenticator app as a second factor for a 1Password account. Historically the reason for this was because not all of our client apps supported Security Keys as a second factor so it was still necessary to enter a six-digit code from a user's Authenticator app in order to add a 1Password account to those client apps.

    However we've now added the ability to use Security Keys are a second factor to all of our client apps and that sets the foundation for us to be able to offer users the choice to only use a Security Key as their second factor. I don't have any information on when and if this work will be completed but I can confirm that it's something that our team is looking into.

    For the moment, if you'd like to avoid using an Authenticator App you can print the TOTP secret to keep with your Emergency Kit (as a backup) then delete the Authenticator app from your phone once configured.


    ref: PB-30459026

  • JohnnyFJohnsson
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    Hi @Dave_1P,

    thank you very much for your quick reply. Great to hear that this is already in development and I am looking forward to the final implementation. Good to see many services going in that direction.

  • @JohnnyFJohnsson

    It's my pleasure. 🙂


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