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shared vault empty, cannot share with family member

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Have added new account for family member on Mac and iOS iPad and each time the shared vault has no item present. Wanted to share my vault with family member, new vault not needed.

1Password Version: 1password8
Extension Version: 2.5.1
OS Version: Mac ventura
Browser:_ safari
Referrer: forum-search:shared vault empty


  • GreyM1PGreyM1P

    Team Member

    Hi there @dorf100

    Have you already moved or copied items into the Shared vault? You can't share your own Private vault with anyone else, so anything you want to share with the family will need to be in the Shared vault.

    Move and copy items

    If there are already items in the Shared vault, but the other family member can't see them, let me know and I'll be able to suggest what to do next. :)

    — Grey

  • dorf100dorf100
    Community Member

    I moved my private account items into shared and now the other family member can access. There are no items in my private vault now. Should I leave as is or make duplicates to place in private vault?

  • ag_tommyag_tommy

    Team Member


    We recommend the data only live in one location. Having data in two different vaults can lead to one copy not getting updated. The Personal vault can be where you share things like Xmas or birthday lists and things others do not need access to. The Shared vault would be those items they do (or would) need to access. Also, note that they should not remove the items from the shared vault or you'll be unable to use them. The data would need to remain in the shared vault for either party to use it.

    Personal - You log in to site xyz that no one needs access to but you.
    Shared - Utilities or things like the Netflix login.

    If you are looking to share "everything," move all items to the Shared vault.

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