Stuck and is there a step by step set-up /tutorial for Mac desktop setup?do I need to uninstall?

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I downloaded 1password for the Mac, printed the emergency kit and then found myself on the website version of 1password with instruction given just prior to "download something" to be sure I don't locked out? I just downloaded the app I thought??? Inadvertently I reinstalled 1Password and got a notice from the Mac that ""1Password Installer" was prevented from modifying apps on your Mac" which didn't happen on the 1st install - of course I never meant to install it twice. So my questions:

1). Do I need to uninstall 1Password and begin again?

2) What was it that 1Password was telling me to download after installation?

3) I am not usually this clueless, I think I need to see the lay of land - is there a tutorial step by step for the Mac user? Apparently there are several parts to download. I'm guessing I downloaded app which gives me access to sign in to the 1password website for my account? vault?

4) Any tips would be appreciated.


1Password Version: 8.9.13 for the Mac
Extension Version: none yet for browsers
OS Version: Mac 13.2
Browser:_ Safari, Chrome, Firefox


  • 9AmberMoog
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    I think I'm getting my bearings now and have found some resources. However, I am curious about if I should uninstall 1password on my Mac as I installed it twice and then download again, or if it really doesn't matter one way or the other?

  • ag_tommy
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    1. I would not think so unless you are experiencing problems of some sort.
    2. Likely your 🚒 Emergency Kit
    • Please confirm it is in your possession. It is 1/2 of the combination to your data. You need this. I would recommend printing it and keeping it with other papers.
    1. Most download the 1Password for Mac app. Then add in the needed browser portion (1Password in the browser)

    1Password 8 for Mac
    Get to know 1Password in your browser

  • 9AmberMoog
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    Thanks @ag_tommy. Regarding whether or not it was in issue to install 1password twice. I have a Mac and I have just done a clean install on it. Then I added 1Password two times, but other than keeping my Emergency Kit in a safe and secure place I did nothing else with 1Password. That said, when I powered up the computer this morning ran into the spinning wheel at the user password sign in window and once since on the spinning ball or stuttering spinning ball was an immediate issue. I uninstalled 1Password based on 1Password's instructions, restarted and no issues at all. I will reinstall 1Password and see if the issue repeats. Has anyone else encountered this issue?

  • Odd I would not expect issues even with multiple attempts at reinstallation. The new copy should have installed over the top of the previous copy inside the Applications folder. It's essentially the same as updating the app. When you reinstall it would quit the running version, change out the application and then start the app again.

  • 9AmberMoog
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    Redownloading 1Password I had no issues with the spinning wheel upon two restarts - so I think I am good to go for the moment. Thank you for your help @ag_tommy

  • @9AmberMoog

    I'm happy that Tommy was able to help. 🙂


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