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Example (using Notion as an example):

I have registered an account on Notion (notion.so) on my desktop. The 1pw entry is linked to Notion by the web address, notion.so.

I am now using my mobile device. When I use the Notion mobile app, 1password does not know the Notion 1pw entry is related to the Notion app.

AFAIK, there doesn’t seem to be a mechanism in place to manually connect the login entry to the app, similar to inferring by the entry’s web address matching the browser’s current web address? I do notice a 1pw login entry will match with certain apps sometimes, but it seems to be based on a specific scenario that I am unaware of. It doesn’t seem to be a consistent experience.

Due to this, I have to tap a few times to load 1pw from the keyboard and search for the entry to populate the login fields.

Does such a feature exist and if so can someone point to the documentation? If not, please consider this feature, if it is feasible, as it improves on the experience imho.


  • Dave_1P
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    Hello @viet!👋

    Password AutoFill will match the apps that you use to your login items in 1Password 8 by taking the associated domain associated with an app and comparing it against the website URL in your login items. If there is a match then Password AutoFill will offer to fill your login information.

    If your login item is not being suggested for a particular app then you'll need to add the app's associated domain to your login item in 1Password 8. When you tap on the username or password field in an app you'll see the Password AutoFill prompt appear (above your keyboard), tap on the prompt and then search for the appropriate login item. Then, tap on that Login Item and tap Fill & Update Login.

    1Password will add the app’s associated domain to the Login Item so that, the next time you try to login to that app, Password AutoFill will suggest the right login.

    If the Password AutoFill prompt doesn't show up when you tap on the email address field in the Notion app (which is what happens on my device) then it means that the developer of that app hasn't tagged the email address field for Password AutoFill. I suggest reaching out to the developer so that they can see why their app isn't working with Password AutoFill on iOS devices. Here is Apple's developer page regarding Password AutoFill: Password AutoFill | Apple Developer Documentation

    Let me know if that helps. 🙂


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