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Fix for autofill for some websites found

Certain web sites would not autofill. First occurrence espn.com

Fix I found:
This is in Chrome: Go to Chrome Settings/Autofill/Password Manager section, it shows 1Password as the password manager. I clicked "Manage" and changed the selector to the on position for "Allow access to file URL's" which by default was off. This immediately fixed espn.com that wasn't working before.

1Password Version: Not Provided
Extension Version: 2.6.0
OS Version: Ubuntu 20.04
Browser:_ Chrome


  • Joy_1PJoy_1P

    Team Member

    Hey @carterbury, ESPN's website contains something referred to as 'focus trap' which actively makes it difficult for password managers, like 1Password, to autofill login information. I was excited to try the steps that you shared but I'm afraid they did not help on my end: https://share.cleanshot.com/Y1pTxnZl

    We have an open issue to address the filling problem on ESPN's website. If you find that the issue comes back, please let us know. If you find similar issues on other websites, please let us know as well.

  • carterburycarterbury
    Community Member
    edited January 27

    @Joy_1P Very interesting. When I went back and tried, it didn't work. I can't remember exactly what I tried and it started working again but it seems inconsistent. What always works for me, is bring up the login box, then going over to the 1Password toolbar and hit autofill. I haven't seen that not work yet.

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