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Can you share a vault with one person if you have the free account

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I was under the impression that with a free account, I would be able to share passwords with one individual.

When I went to click "invite guest" it said I had to update to a free account.

I just got 1Password yesterday and maybe I'm not doing something correctly.

I was supposed to share passwords earlier this morning and I've now spent over 45 minutes trying to figure this out.

Can someone help?


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  • Hello @donsalmon! 👋

    Welcome to 1Password! Can you tell me a little more about what you mean by "free account"? 1Password doesn't have a free version, all memberships require a subscription unless you received a membership through your workplace: Pricing & trial

    With a 1Password Families membership you can share vaults with other family members or with guests:

    If you're using an individual account then you can share individual passwords using a secure share link: Securely share 1Password items with anyone

    I look forward to hearing from you. 🙂


  • donsalmon
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    Hi Dave:

    I may not understand this fully or maybe expressed myself badly. I should have said I started the free trial (I thought I had also paid but when I went to my account it still says "free trial")

    What I did was, following one of your YouTube videos, downloaded the app onto my iMac, then clicked "Share" and went through the process of copying the link and emailing it to the person I wanted to send it to.

    The dashboard of my account doesn't look anything like it seems that it should be according to your help pages. I made a Numbers spread sheet and converted it to a csv file, but when I uploaded that the formatting was weird.

    I explained this to my online coach, who had suggested getting the 1Password account, and I suppose she'll let me know if she receives the passwords.

    Sorry, I've been in a flurry of learning what seems like endless new apps and various kinds of software and my brain is a bit in tech-overload.

    Anyway it looks like it's working. I'll save that link you included and see if I can learn any more from that.


  • @donsalmon

    I'm sorry that things have been a little bumpy as you've started to use 1Password. I see that you've sent an email to our support team and they'll be in the best position to assist further since I don't have access to your account information here on the public forums. One of my colleagues will send you an email as soon as possible; to prevent the conversation from happening in two different places at once I'm closing this thread.


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