SCIM bridge - Okta - GCP - unable to auth to 1pass from the scim address

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I am able to successfully login, however the provisioning page is unavailable to me. It quickly redirects me to the integrations page. I got here by needing to perform an update as we were running v2.6.1 of the scimbrige. Ive since, nuked and repaved and started fresh with v2.7.3 to try and get this working again. Have I missed something?

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    I seem to be having a similar issue. My bearer token didn't work at the GCP end, so I deactivated the credentials at the 1password end to try again, and now I can't get back to the provisioning page at all.

  • Hi @jcwiw ,

    To make sure I'm understanding, you are attempting to regenerate your credentials on and instead of being provided your credentials and being taken through the wizard to the provisioning page, you are redirected back to the integrations page, with no way to get back?

    Are you presented with any error messages?

    On the integrations page, is there a button that says "Manage" under the User Provisioning section? This would indicate you already have an integration set up. If you can get to the provisioning details page that way, you can click Regenerate Credentials to get your credentials.

    If I'm misunderstanding, please correct me. A list of steps you've taken as well as any errors encountered will help clarify the issue. I did test the setup flow from SCIM bridge -> Credentials -> Provisioning details page, so I'm guessing you've perhaps encountered an error and were redirected.


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