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Feature request: Custom templates/categories

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1Password has a bunch of different types of note you can create:

These act as templates, so when you create an item in a category it has a prepopulated set of custom fields to fill out.
These also act as categories, so notes are organized in the sidebar by which template they were created with.

It would be very valuable to be able to create custom categories, so we're not limited to the built-in ones. A custom category would get its own sidebar tab with a custom icon, and could be configured with a set of custom fields to act as a fillable template.

1Password Version: 8.9.13
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: macOS 13.1
Browser:_ Not Provided


  • Hello @ctry! 👋

    At the moment 1Password doesn't offer the ability to add custom categories although this is an often requested feature and I've passed along your request and feedback to our product team. 🙂

    I myself use Secure Notes to keep track of things like recipes or other information that doesn't neatly fit into one of the Categories available in 1Password. Secure Notes are very flexible and you can add custom fields to organize the information that you add. Here's a blog post that explains some of the possibilities: Making the most of Secure Notes

    Here's a suggestion that I've made before: Regardless of whether you use a Secure Note or another item type you can create multiple items with the same set of custom fields by using a "template". Set one up the way you want it, then save that as an empty "template". Then you can duplicate that item (Command - D) and fill in the fields. You can group those items together by using Tags. You can even add custom icons to those items.


    ref: PB-30552506

  • ctry
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    Yeah, you can do whatever you want in the secure note type, the main issue for me is organization. I like that the categories act as natural folders to locate items by type. You can organize secure notes with tags, but I don’t like the inconsistency of having some folders exist as categories and some exist as tags, I’d like to be able to unify the two.
    An alternate/additional proposal to do that: allow pinning tags to the sidebar alongside categories/templates, so I can browse to a type of note quickly regardless of whether it was created using a built in template

  • @ctry

    I agree that it's not the most elegant workaround. I've forwarded your comments to the product team so that they can look into building a custom category feature in the future. Thank you again for the suggestion! 🙂


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