Need support convincing your business to switch to 1Password?

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At 1Password security isn’t a feature, it’s our foundation. And now, making the move to 1Password has never been easier. Below are some of the top reasons to make the switch, and we’ve included a special offer if you’re already under contract with a different password manager.

Why 1Password:

Secure by design

Your data is protected by a 128-bit Secret Key and account password – dual-key encryption that’s unique to 1Password.

Private by default

We can’t see your 1Password data, so we can’t use it, share it, or sell it – and neither can anyone else. What you store in 1Password is yours alone.

Verified by experts

We engage third-party researchers for regular audits, and offer the industry’s largest bug bounty to help us act on threats before they can affect you.

We’ll help cover the cost

If your business is in a contract with another password manager we’ll credit the remainder of your invoice with when you join 1Password.* Switching is easy with free onboarding, guided tutorials, and simple imports.

Ready to switch to 1Password? Get started today.

The 1Password Team

P.S. – If you need more ways to convince your organization to make the switch, we’ve got a guide to help you make a business case for your leadership team.

*Standard conditions apply, and some of which can be found on our website.

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