Can't complete update to v8.9.14

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I can't complete the update from v8.9.13 to 8.9.14 on two different PCs - one running Win 10 Pro and the other running Win 11 Pro. We use BitDefender endpoint protection, which has not interfered with updates in the past. Both versions of Windows are fully updated to the latest builds issued by Microsoft.

Any ideas? This doesn't seem to be a critical update, but it's concerning, nonetheless.

John Griffith

1Password Version: 8.9.13
Extension Version: 2.6
OS Version: Win 10 Pro / Win 11 Pro
Browser:_ Edge
Referrer: forum-search:Update to 8.9.14


  • Hi @JohnGriffith,

    Thanks for reporting this.

    There is a new binary we've added in this update to help with the LastPass import feature.

    Is it possible BitDefender has a conflicting rule that blocks the update because of it has a new binary that it doesn't whitelist? Can you see if BItDefender has a history that could identify the source of the issue. We have been blocked by them a few times in the past and we may need to get in touch with them again about this.

  • MDavide
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    Same here. W11 Pro + BitDefender

  • AdamRobles
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    This is happening to me too. W11 Pro + Bitdefender. Only way I have been able to get it to work is to move the machine to a policy where bitdefender is disabled, install update for 1password then move the machine back to the regular policy.

  • AdamRobles
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    In Bitdefender GravityZone web/cloud interface (if you are using a personal bitdefender application this may not be the right location to add the exclusion.)

    Added the following to Bitdefender Policy under Anitmalware -> Settings -> In Policy Exclusions
    %TEMP%\1PasswordSetup-latest.exe (Dont think this one is necessary but just in case)


  • 1P_Gem
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    Hi @AdamRobles, I'm so pleased to hear that you were able to get this issue resolved! Thanks so much for taking the time to reach out with the solution 😄

    @MDavide and @JohnGriffith, are you able to try adding these exclusions, or restarting in Safe Mode to see if 1Password is able to successfully update there?

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